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This blog will allow you the opportunity to acquire both support and guidance after experiencing a significant loss.

School shootings and the one commonality we don't talk about

The Tragedy of School Shootings On January 17, 1989, 25-year-old Patrick Purdy walked onto a junior

Holiday Grief: Remembering my mom on Mother's Day

Holiday Grief: Mother's Day Reminders

Dealing with tragic events that you observe across the globe

Sorry to get melodramatic here, but recent events in the world have assumed proportions that are

Grief by any other name; Fort Bragg autopsy

An enormous amount of time, energy, emotion, and money will be spent looking for answers and

Grief: Exploring the "F" words #3 - Familiarity

What you practice is what you get good at! The Grief Recovery Handbook makes constant reference to

If I start crying will I be able to stop?

There are many misconceptions about the pain associated with significant emotional loss. Some

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