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Is it Ever Too Soon to Begin to Recover From Loss?

When your heart is broken it’s hard to imagine feeling better. Often grievers wonder if they will be in pain forever. Sadly, some people are in pain for the rest of their lives because of the misinformation we’ve all been taught about dealing with grief.


The most common piece of misinformation is “grief just takes time”. 


So grievers wait, 


….and wait, 


…..and wait. 


Unfortunately, they don’t feel better no matter how long they wait. Time might lessen the intensity of their pain, but it doesn’t heal, actions do.



When is it time to begin to recover?


Grief recovery can begin almost immediately following a loss.


That doesn’t mean grievers will be happy the loss occurred or they don’t care about the loss. It simple means they can immediately take action. 


As a matter of fact, the brain does it automatically. 


After a death or breakup, have you ever thought of things you wish you had said to the person who died or to your ex? 


Grievers want to talk about what happened and want to talk about both the good and bad aspects of the relationship.



Almost every relationship ends with things we wish were:


1. Different

2. Better 

3. More


Those thoughts are the beginning on the road to recovery.



If you’re still wondering if it’s too soon to begin to recover, answer these two questions straight from The Grief Recovery Handbook: a step-by-step program for moving beyond death, divorce and others losses.


1. If you fell down and gashed your leg and blood was pouring out, would you immediately seek medical attention? The obvious answer is yes.


2. If circumstances and events conspired to break your heart, would you seek attention immediately, or would you allow yourself to bleed to death emotionally? Pick one!



We’ll give you the tools you need to address your grief so you don’t spend the rest of your life waiting to feel better. Our 2 ½ Day Personal Workshop is the perfect place to learn the misinformation we’ve all been taught about grief, look at past losses and learn the tools to use for future losses.

Allison James

Written by Allison James


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